About Us

Our Boat

CHUM BUCKET II  is a fully equipped 232 Grady-White Gulfstream Salmon, Walleye, and Trout boat.

  • Powered by twin 200 4-stroke Yamahas. 
  • This is the fastest smoothest riding charter boat available in the area. 
  • Stand up private head/restroom.
  • We offer Guaranteed catch, that means everyone catches something.

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Fishing Rates


1-2 people    $350 Minimum

3-4 people    $400-$450

5-6 people    $500-$550

These rates are for morning & evening trips for 6 hours or sooner if the customers want to return to port. 

****  $15 fee for Credit Card use  ****

All trips require a $150 deposit for booking.

**This deposit will be refunded if cancelled 14 days prior, or due to weather at the Captain's discretion**

Mixed Bag Catches

Lake Huron offers a great mixed bag during the fishing charter. It is very common to catch four or more species during one single outing. At "CHUM BUCKET" Charters we will put you on the hottest fishing action offered anywhere in the state. We offer charters in many different locations and ports. We are a mobile charter service so we aren't stuck at any single port.

Executive Package

Executive Charters are offered to those who want it all! 

$250 additional

  • Continental breakfast on boat
  • Large meat with cheese tray
  • Large vegetable tray with dip
  • snacks such as chips, mixed nuts, and cookies
  • Ice cold drinks which include an assortment of  juice, pop, and bottled water


Your catch will be custom filleted to your liking and will be vacuum sealed, packed on ice, or frozen for your trip home


hubert429@charter.net (preferred)

989-657-4646 and leave a message


5529 East Grand Lake Road, Presque Isle, Michigan 49777, United States

I prefer E-Mail because I am usually busy fishing and I will reply within a few hours

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